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free 0870 numbers, 0870 numbers
free 0870 numbers, 0845 numbers, 0870 number
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0700 numbers

set one up for only £10 connects to your office or mobile no other charges!

A single 07 ‘Follow Me’ number can be redirected to a mobile, office, home or voicemail. The result is that you need never be unobtainable. The caller is charged at Bt’s ‘K’ rate which is currently 37.5p a minute daytime, 25p a minute evening and 12.5p a minute at weekends.
When a caller dials your personal number the call is diverted to your first destination number. This could be your mobile phone. If the mobile is engaged or not answered, the call will be diverted to your second destination number. This could be to your office or on to work colleagues mobile for example.

If you are one of those people that changes their mobile phone and number every year, and there are lots of you out there! This is the ideal solution for you! No more having to tell everyone your new mobile number every year. Simply give out your new ‘Follow Me’ personal number and they can get you at home, at work and when you’re out and about, all on one number! If you do change any of your destination telephone numbers, simply contact our customer service team.

Buy a number today for free voicemail that is accessible from any touch tone phone. You can have the 0700 number diverted to landline > mobile > voicemail for only £10.

‘Follow Me’ personal numbers are £10 per annum!

If you wish to order dial 0845 130 28 92 or pay below




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