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free 0870 numbers, 0870 numbers
free 0870 numbers, 0845 numbers, 0870 number
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Advantages of an 0845 number

Allow your customers to call you from anywhere in the country for the price of a local call!

Calls to 0845 numbers are charged at the local call rate of 4p a minute peak and 1.5p a minute off-peak. Now you can give a local presence no matter where you are in the country. 0845 numbers as with all our non-geographic numbers can be re-routed if you move premises, so you will have no more number change headaches!

Research shows that companies with 0845 local rate numbers receive a far greater response to national advertising campaigns, than those of their competitors that don’t use a local call rate number.

Non-Geographic, 0845 numbers are non-geographic. As with 0870, you can target a national audience since the telephone number stands independent of your location, and nobody knows whether you are in London or Land's End, Manchester or Galesburg. Many providers charge for redirection of their numbers but with iccommunications you get unlimted redirections of your 0845 number for free.

Portable. 0845 numbers are portable which means the number stays with your business even if it moves from one end of the country to the other. Your underlying base number from BT (or other carrier) will change but as far as your customers are concerned your number remains the same.

Low Cost. 0845 numbers are free to connect(BT charges £25-£300 in connection fees and £50 per quarter line rental). Then all you pay is £50 per year.

Work from home. If you work from home you do not need to give out you home phone number you just give out your 0845 national number and press 141 before you call out. Some providers also offer services, which do this automatically.

Alpha numbers. You can on occasions get a number that will spell out your company name or something to do with your company. One of these 0845 numbers could help your business as people remember them up to 14x easier than a normal number. This type of number is commonly used in America and numbers such as 1-800-flowers is worth millions of pounds as many more people remember it and call it thus giving the company more business. Numbers like this are charged per month and there is a connection charge.

A Single Number for Advertising. A standard or memorable 0845 number brings you a single number for all advertising and promotional purposes. It allows you to add new branches without having to change advertising. Plus you can have an additional numbers to track how well different marketing schemes are doing and which one to carry on with.

Gradual Introduction. An 0845 number can be gradually introduced to your customer base with no sudden changes. Existing customers can still reach you either on your normal geographic code (e.g. 020) or on your non- geographic code (0845). Your aim should be to eventually have everyone calling on your 0845 number so that notification of future number changes becomes unnecessary.

0845 prices


Rental: £359.88 a year + 2160 Free Minutes

Cost of Receiving Calls: 6.5p a minute for all national calls

IC communications

Connection: Free

Rental: Free for first year then £50 per year

Cost to receive calls: Free

When a caller dials your 0845 number their call is automatically diverted to your existing land line telephone number in a fraction of a second.

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